Find out more about our solutions, which provide the best insights for your company’s strategic planning.

Fundamento Analyses offers a range of comprehensive services that were developed to support companies and organizations during two critical stages of any business or initiative: strategic planning and results assessment. Backed by advanced tools and methodologies, these services are not only highly customized to serve each client’s needs, they also offer specific insights in response to particular requirements.

Industry overviews

We collect and analyze all the information needed for an in-depth and detailed understanding of a particular sector. Sources include everything from public databases and specialist studies to influencer interviews, qualitative and quantitative surveys and media exposure evaluations, among others After an in-depth analysis of these insights, your company will receive a complete overview that includes a backgrounder, trend diagnosis, presentation of relevant facts and stakeholders, possible risks and our conclusions.

Stakeholder and Relationship mapping

We research and identify representatives and influencers in the audiences directly related to a company or organization’s activities – also known as stakeholders.This group can include clients, influencers, government officials, NGOs, the media, consumers, vendors, entities or associations. Fundamento Analyses also maps current connections between stakeholders to create a relationship matrix and increase effectiveness of Public Relations strategies.

Radar 4.0 – Monitoring and analyzing media exposure

This is a specific methodology used to monitor and analyze media exposure; it is backed by advanced Artificial Intelligence tools that capture content from more than 2 million different sources, including the print media, online media, radio and TV in Brazil and Latin America. Clients have access to personalized dashboards where they can monitor publications on a daily basis and receive real-time alerts on sensitive or critical issues. Any articles identified are then assessed based on Fundamento Analyses’ guidelines, which take into account content visibility and qualification. The results are presented in interactive reports on the company and its own brands and, if required, its competitors.

Radar Social Listening – Social media monitoring and analysis

This is a specific methodology used to monitor and analyze brands, companies and organizations on the biggest social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. In addition to the dashboards provided to monitor information in real time, we also produce reports containing more than 10 variables that classify posts by sentiment, influencer and detractor recommendations, customized segmentation and other filters. It allows the company to monitor its profiles and interact directly with users.

Risk and crisis monitoring

We monitor and report on sensitive and critical issues in the mainstream and social media, providing real-time alerts to increase scenario visibility and address crises, threats and vulnerabilities. Fundamento Analyses provides monitoring before, during and after a crisis, quickly submitting analytical reports to clients or organizations to ensure they have all the information they require to respond quickly and contain or minimize any damage to their business or reputation.

Qualitative and quantitative research

Our qualitative and quantitative research is available to map an interviewee’s specific motivations and preferences in relation to specific issues. The main tool is in-depth interviews applied on a one-on-one basis with the goal of helping participants relax so they are able to express themselves spontaneously. Quantitative research is very useful for collecting data and translating them into figures that have statistical validity, i.e., we can quantify data in response to a specific question involving a particular target audience.

Focus groups

This is a qualitative research technique that can be used to assess sentiment and attitudes in moderated discussion groups. It provides quick results and can facilitate or supplement broader studies, such as the Sector Scenario.

Reputation measurement

This methodology produces a systematic measurement and analysis based on 15 different variables which assess the impact communications have on a company or organization’s reputation. This is used to create a reputation index that can then be followed over time. Using tools such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, each analysis is customized to meet the client’s requirements, giving specific weights to each of the parameters assessed. Data can also be accessed in real time via the dashboard and a monthly report is issued analyzing the indicators and recommendations.

Thematic reports

These are specific analyses on an issue of interest to a company or organization; they are tailored to present and highlight the most relevant information, as well as background information, trends, risks, influencers and other insights that can be used to support the decision-making process.