Who we are

foundation group communication

What We Do

The Fundamento Grupo de Comunicação exists to drive interactions and experiences between brands, people and organizations, building sustainable relationships based on mutual interests. This is how we build value for clients and society in general.

Our Vision

We have developed a workflow based on what we refer to as the 3Cs. It combines technical quality with continuous oversight, resulting in a client approval rating of over 90%.



What does this involve?
Strategic planning


  • Scenarios
  • Business v. communication objectives
  • Brand positioning
  • Attributes and messaging
  • Audience mapping
  • Strategic pillars for each audience


What does this involve?
Tactical planning


  • Tactics and strategies
  • Targets and indicators
  • Deployment timetables
  • Budget estimates


Who does what, and when?
Team management

  • Operational timetables
  • Project management tools
  • Automated client approval workflows
  • Continuous results monitoring
  • Monthly and fortnightly reports
  • Project quality and productivity metrics



Who we are



We are committed to our clients’ success. This is the goal of every communication project we plan and deploy.


We are continuously reviewing our processes to improve quality and efficiency. Pushing the envelope does pose risks, but also offers great rewards.


Our teams are multidisciplinary. We create an environment where associates, clients and partners can interact.


Ethics are the touchstone of all our relationships.



Marta Dourado, a well-known PR expert, creates Fundamento Assessoria de Comunicação. She initially partnered with Sabrina Mendonça, who continued he relationship with the company as a client after departing.


Fundamento wins the Compaq account, representing the leading US PC manufacturer and developing the PR campaign that launched the first domestic computer in Brazil. The biggest challenge at the time was repositioning a product that was viewed as being excessively technical into one more akin to a home appliance.


Fundamento is hired to launch a Brazilian subsidiary for Finnish company Nokia. At the time, consumers believed it was a Japanese company and its name was pronounced No-quía. The company then spent 10 years introducing new technologies and transmission infrastructure, including digital and analog technologies, prior to implementing 3G.


Fundamento creates and implements Chemicals and Nature, an environmental education project for Belgian company Solvay. The project, which won the ABERJE Award, reached more than 25,000 children and adolescents.


Fundamento takes charge of the Star Wars repositioning strategy in Brazil. The initiative, developed by the George Lucas studio, leveraged the Episode I launch to consolidate the Star Wars brand globally.


Comunicação em Dois Tempos – 1st Edition. “A Vision of the Future” reviews the communication market with analyses by Marta Dourado, Heródoto Barbeiro, Paulo Nassar, Ricardo Gandour, Sidnei Basile and others. Read the complete report.


Fundamento creates a Strategic Analyses Support Unit that would later become Fundamento Analyses.


Bovespa is the venue for an event celebrating the launch of the second edition of Comunicação em Dois Tempos: “A Vision for Sustainability”. Fundamento also sponsors a lecture on leadership and collective prosperity with former US President Bill Clinton, organized by Cambridge Leadership Associates.


Fundamento is involved in the “MasterCard – Making a Mark on the World Cup” project, winning two awards. Fundamento won the 2006 National Public Opinion Award in the Public Relations for Private Companies Category and the 2006 Caio Award in the Media Advisory Category.


Fundamento Digital is born. Fundamento Analyses presents the third edition of the Comunicação em Dois Tempos program. Under the title “A Vision of Interactivity”, it presents opinions from 31 of Brazil’s largest companies about social media’s impact on corporate communications.


The Pharma division of Anglo-American pharmaceutical company Shire arrives in Brazil and chooses Fundamento as its PR agency.


Fundamento produces a number of memorable campaigns for client Reckitt Benckiser. These included the campaign launching Veja Panos Umedecidos and Vanish em Ação, as well as the Fundamento Digital social media campaign for clothing donations to the ABRINQ Foundation. Residents in São Paulo donated 13,400 items of clothing to the Vanish campaign in a single day.


A Fundamento PR is spun off from the parent company to operate independently from its other brands.


The Fundamento Grupo de Comunicação is created; it is a group of brands that offer significant synergies based around an innovative model that provides multidisciplinary, integrated communication solutions.


Fundamento PR receives the 2015 Trusted Agency Award from Communication Business Magazine.


A Fundamento Marketing launches Première,a product testing and buzz marketing program. Consumers interested in testing products being launched can register to become Premières. Participating companies can use the program to launch products with the advantage of placing their products in the hands of a target market selected to represent the brand’s ideal customer.


Fundamento builds its own headquarters in the Brooklin neighborhood. The building is designed by architect Eduardo Rodrigues to be a modern and functional agency with its own photography, sound and video studio.


Fundamento moves to its new headquarters and celebrates its 30th anniversary, despite the challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic.