The impact of Artificial Intelligence on communication: Advantages, challenges and the role of professionals

May 31, 2023 | Blog, Marketing, Studio

Since the end of 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained the spotlight on a larger scale with the arrival of Chat-GPT. Despite the widespread boom that the OpenAI tool brought, AI resources have been part of people's daily lives for a long time. From actions considered simple, such as personalized recommendations on music, film and series streaming platforms, to more complex ones, such as autonomous cars, which use advanced sensors and algorithms to analyze the environment, make decisions and guide the vehicle safely. and efficient.
Within this scenario of expansion of new technologies, it is important to highlight the advantages obtained with the use of artificial intelligence, however, it is also necessary to evaluate the interaction with people and the impact caused by AI in the professional sphere. 

In this text, we will present the different ways in which AI has been used in communication and we will also discuss ways for professionals to use these tools in a safe and efficient way. 

 Artificial Intelligence in marketing, advertising and communication 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has played an increasingly important role in the fields of marketing, advertising, advertising and communications. As this technology evolves, its applications also continue to change the way companies connect with consumers and how messages are delivered.
With its ability to analyze large volumes of data in real time through advanced machine learning algorithms, AI allows companies to collect relevant information about consumer behavior, purchase history and interactions on social networks, providing insights for more assertive strategies and decision-making. This information allows marketing and advertising professionals to adjust their actions to obtain more satisfactory results. 

 If we were to list all the benefits of artificial intelligence, this text would be much longer, as we recognize that they are countless. In this article We demonstrate in a practical way some features that Chat GPT offers. 

 Now, we want to open space for the importance of the role of human beings in using these tools. 

 Interaction between artificial intelligence and the professional

One of the biggest concerns regarding Artificial Intelligence is the extent to which it can replace human beings in their work tasks.  

Taking a realistic view, some functions will inevitably be replaced by new technologies. However, in most cases, discussing replacement is still hasty. 

This is because, despite being trained to reproduce human analyses, behaviors and feelings, artificial intelligence lacks humanization. The creative process is intangible and is linked to the experiences, values, beliefs and feelings that human beings bring with them.  

Recently, the English producer Private Island launched a beer commercial made using AI, dividing public opinions about the final result. Click here to watch. This shows that, in general, people are not yet prepared to accept productions made entirely by artificial intelligence, without human adjustments to adapt them to reality.  

We understand that AI can contribute to the work of creative marketing professionals, bring agility to processes and optimize large-scale productions, as in Press office, for example. But even so, the refinement that the human gaze brings will be necessary. 

It is up to professionals to constantly update and build a robust repertoire to produce and deliver better, relevant content that differentiates itself from all others that will be created entirely by artificial intelligence. This seems like the way to prevent human beings from becoming limited and dependent on the tool. 

 Tools should be used as support, not as central creators of content. The human ability to filter, interpret situations, data and consider different contexts will continue to be on the rise and AI still does not reproduce these characteristics with such precision. 


 The interaction between AI and humans is essential. Although artificial intelligence can perform complex tasks and reproduce human behaviors, there are still limitations in its ability to completely replace the creativity and humanization brought by people.  

There are still intangible elements, such as the ability to interpret different scenarios and experiences, which are intrinsic to the creative process and are part of the experience that professionals bring with them. 

Collaboration between technology and professionals is apparently a good path to follow. AI can streamline processes, optimize large-scale productions, and support the activities of marketers, but it requires humans to cultivate a solid repertoire, constantly update themselves, and bring their unique perspective to the creation and delivery of relevant content and differentiated. 

 If you are looking for communication strategies that combine professional experience and technology, contact our team! 

We have solid experience in the areas of Marketing, PR, Press Relations and Sector Analysis, to help you achieve your business objectives. 

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