How relations with the government impact the functioning of public and private companies

Nov 30, 2022 | Blog

On December 2nd, National Women's Day is celebrated. Public relations. This profession, although sanctioned recently, in 1984, emerged more than 140 years ago, when Ivy Lee was considered the first official PR in history. The American journalist worked for different companies, changing the way they presented themselves to the public and mediating dialogue between the community and companies.

The activity, which appears in several Hollywood movies and now in Netflix series, has become an essential profession for any public or private company, as this professional's job is to create, build, maintain and disseminate a good image to the public.

Institutionally, it is PR who sets the voice and tone of communication to strengthen dialogues with its audiences. Being heard, respected and having a reputation has always had a decisive impact on businesses and organizations. In a digital world where everyone is the media and news travels the globe in seconds, this role has become increasingly important. And to do so, planning is necessary.

Understanding how current laws work is essential for anyone looking for ways to boost their business or even understand the problems of a specific sector.

How to perform well in government relations?

To illustrate, let's talk about government relations, which are strategies that can be proposed by any person, whether physical or legal, to provide the information and instruments necessary for public authorities to make political decisions.

Imagine the following scenarios: it is the initial year of a change of government, which defines as a priority sectors that, until the previous mandate, did not receive a high percentage of investment. Or, some specific companies became part of the private sector. Can you identify the extent to which these situations impact your company or business?

The need to consult a professional capable of working in government relations and who is prepared to deal with those who make decisions and those who are impacted by them (also known as stakeholders). This PR needs to have some premises to play a strategic role and obtain a successful result:

  •  Ability to communicate transparently, honestly and comprehensively;
  •  Offer efficient solutions;
  •  Pay attention to data and information security;
  •  Encourage good governance practices;
  •  Always work with data update/correction, when necessary;
  •  Be aware of national and international legislation and comply with market regulations.

This way, the professional can ensure that the objectives of the company or entity they are representing are achieved.

However, it is essential to have knowledge of the political scenario of the region in which the company operates, to practice relations with the government, in order to know the information that could have an impact on the business.

More than ever, this is the time when the principles of transparency and ethics must be put into action, as this is what guarantees a formalized dialogue between society, companies and public authorities, avoiding situations of conflict of interests and other irregularities.

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