Performance and Experience for Brands

We are more than a marketing agency; we are dedicated to create dialogues between brands and people to generate powerful results for your brand.

We integrate online and offline marketing resources so that your product (or service) reaches the necessary objectives: be it, increase sales, generate awareness or build recognition and authority for your brand.



Account-Based Marketing

Customized marketing solutions and strategies for high-value B2B targetted clients.

Inbound Marketing

Marketing automation, strategic planning, conversion optimization, lead generation, sales funnel management.


On and offline advertising campaigns, performance, sponsored links.



Website development, on and off page performance optimization of websites and blogs to boost organic search.


Study of brand positioning, design, brand concept and visual identity.

Social media

Social media management, content marketing, relationships with influencers.

Brand Activation

Point of sale, trade marketing, events, inbound marketing strategies, landing page creation.

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Fundamento Grupo de Comunicação

Fundamento Grupo de Comunicação is a pioneer in the market for integrating performance, digital authority and corporate reputation in a single agency.

Our team is made up of multidisciplinary talents and specialized brands: Marketing, PR, Analysis and Studio.

With a strong innovative culture, we have developed our own methodology, based on Agile principles. We focus on our clients’ business objectives to set concrete goals and measurable results, using OKRs as a guide.

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The impact of a powerful partnership on your Digital Marketing

When you choose Fundamento Marketing, you get creative and effective solutions to boost your brand in the digital marketplace.

As certified RD Station partners, we offer privileged access to powerful marketing automation and data analysis tools. This means you can count on smarter strategies, measurable results and a significant competitive advantage.

Integrate marketing and sales with Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic methodology for complex B2B sales, which delivers highly personalized campaigns aimed at companies that fit their Ideal Customer Profile. ABM integrates marketing and sales efforts into a unified approach, especially effective for B2B companies dealing with complex, high-value sales with long sales cycles and multiple stakeholders.


Traditional funnel

ABM funnel


Always willing to help with our needs, Fundamento was and is an important part of Braile's modernization and growth. It's been a successful partnership for 2 years and we have many more to come!

Carla Danielian
Marketing Analyst

At Mölnlycke, we understand ourselves in a competitive and ever-changing market, which is why we recognize the crucial importance of effective and assertive communication. It is for these reasons that we greatly value partners like Fundamento, who throughout our partnership have managed to build an excellent relationship, aligned with our purposes, values and objectives. We sincerely thank you for your continued collaboration and mutual support.

Fernando Buffulin
Latam Marketing Manager at Mölnlycke Brazil

For us at the Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation, it is very important that our suppliers are connected to the cause of early childhood. And Fundamento is not only connected, it is at the forefront of one of our main objectives, which is to strengthen society's understanding of the impact of early childhood experiences. Having a rigorous, committed and sensitive agency makes all the difference in communicating a cause that transforms the lives of our children and, consequently, society as a whole.

Paula Perim
Communications Director at the Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation

We have already had the opportunity to work with Fundamento on different projects, some of which are still ongoing.
The Fundamento team has been professional, agile and proactive, dedicated to the partnership and committed to the results. The experience has been very positive!

Patrícia B. de Carvalho
IFC Communications Officer - Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

Gilead and Fundamento have been working together for years, and our partnership and cohesion in the way we work, exchange of ideas, commitment and mutual respect have brought tangible results for both sides.
Here, we have had strong and constant media penetration, with the dissemination of valuable materials that generate awareness and credibility for the company. Another important line of joint work is special projects, which also give us a lot of satisfaction. Our relationship of trust is something I'm very proud of.

Marília Casseb
Director of External Affairs at Gilead Sciences Brazil

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