Agile methodology: a great ally in communication and marketing management

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The Agile Methodology has come to revolutionize business management, bringing with it innovation and efficiency. While some sectors have already adopted it as their darling, others are still discovering its advantages. These practices are gaining more and more ground in the market by eliminating bureaucratic processes and facilitating the quick and efficient resolution of daily tasks.

Agile principles encompass guidelines and methods that enable teams to develop and deliver more effective and dynamic solutions, in cycles of continuous improvement. During the process, teams, known as squads, carry out frequent and incremental deliveries, as well as regular planning and review ceremonies. This constant communication and collaboration ensures that everyone is aligned and working in the same direction.

And the results are translated into OKR (Objective and Key Results) terms, which makes it possible to manage customer targets even more efficiently. This is a new, more responsive and collaborative form of business management. After all, there’s nothing better than embracing change and boosting the success of your team and organization, right?


But where did it come from?

At the end of 1990, a group of technology experts met to discuss innovative solutions to improve software development, which often faced obstacles in the execution and management processes, jeopardizing results and delivery times. As a result of these discussions, the Agile Manifesto was born.

At the time, this document established the essential principles of the Agile Methodology. Its advocates preached that close collaboration between team members, the ability to respond quickly to changes and the incremental delivery of value were fundamental to the success of a project.

Since then, this approach has become incredibly popular. Today, it is no longer restricted to software development, but is also applied in various areas such as marketing, communications, project management, product design and others.


Applying Agile Methodology in Communication and Marketing

Agile practices boost not only the success of communication and marketing strategies, but also guarantee the satisfaction of clients and the target audience in general. They are extremely effective in managing projects, improving the quality of messages and increasing the operational efficiency of any business. At Fundamento, we are aware of these changes and have invested in project management tools, training and certifications, opting for the Agile Methodology.


More Benefits of Agile Methodology in Communication and Marketing

In communication and marketing strategies, the implementation of agile methodologies brings a series of benefits that can revolutionize the way companies work. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages this model provides: firstly, the agility in executing processes and delivering projects is significantly increased. This allows professionals to focus more on creativity, reducing bureaucracy and giving teams more freedom to solve problems autonomously.

In addition, operational speed is optimized, resulting in shorter delivery times and considerable resource savings. This all translates into an improvement in the quality of deliveries, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction. With a committed team focused on results, it is possible to better understand clients’ objectives and provide solutions quickly and incrementally.

It is suitable for any company looking to improve its processes and deliver quality results. With a focus on continuous improvement and excellence in deliverables, this model is an approach to constant improvement.


Own methodology, based on Agile

At Fundamento, we follow our own methodology based on agile principles. Our approach guides teams to develop and deliver efficient and dynamic solutions in bi-weekly sprints. We have squads of specialists in marketing, public relations, press, research and analysis and audiovisual Studio, and we hold daily chats to maintain aligned communication and promote collaboration between everyone. This is a way for everyone to stay connected and deliver excellent results for our clients.

If you would like to know more about how we work, please contact us!

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