Sector scenario: five essential information that can save your company

Nov 12, 2021 | Analytics, Blog

On the one hand, the Ministry of Economy registered a record number of 1.4 million companies opened in Brazil between May and August this year. On the other hand, IBGE points out that 48% of companies close their activities within three years. The difference between launching and maintaining a successful venture or becoming just another point in unfavorable statistics may lie in the essential information you failed to collect.

Driven by the dream of having their own business and convinced that their product or service is exactly what the public is looking for, many entrepreneurs fail to use an accessible and fundamental tool for their planning: the sector scenario.

A sectoral scenario is a comprehensive survey of insights that can guide your company to define the best operating strategy, in addition to effectively and creatively overcoming the challenges inherent to your field of activity.

Using sources such as open or subscription databases, reports prepared by authorities, entities and market specialists, publications in the press and social posts, interviews with opinion leaders and surveys of potential consumer behavior, the marketing professional strategic analyzes can paint a complete picture of the industry and provide these five valuable insights:

  • Market overview. At this point, the objective is to understand the proportion of activities already existing in this sector, relevance to the economy, trajectory, important facts that affect the activities, limitations or regulatory conditions.
  • Potential of your product or service. To discover this, data is evaluated on what is already similar on the market, consumption rate, different categories and lines offered, average prices, possible innovations or limitations. Competitors and their participation in this sector are also studied.
  • X-ray of your future client. Demographic and consumption data helps to reveal the profile of your target consumer, age group, geographic location, breadth, economic class, gender, education, access to technology and internet, among many other factors, defined according to your type of business.
  • Consumer behavior. What are your potential client’s motivations and pain points? How does he find out? What channels do you communicate through? Which communities or entities do you participate in? What is your satisfaction rate with similar products or services? At this point, the possible desires of consumers, little explored niches or even opportunities to position themselves in a different way are revealed.
  • Tendencies. Is this a growing sector? Are there factors that could compromise the company and its segment in the long term? Or even ongoing innovations that should completely transform this activity? In this analysis, experts' projections, movements and global projects with risks of impacting the economic situation are also considered.

It seems like a lot of information – and it is. The difference in a quality sectoral scenario lies in the combination of intelligence and analytical capacity of experts in this type of product with modern advanced technology resources. These are skills that enable not only the tracking and verification of data more quickly, with less cost, but, what is more important, the obtaining of strategic insights from the crossing of this data.

The ultimate purpose of sector scenario is to obtain the five essential information for your company, in a clear and objective way, with conclusions that point to paths for your strategic business planning. Your discoveries will guide decisions as fundamental as whether or not to move forward with that initiative, whether or not to launch that product, whether or not to risk that innovation. In all instances, your investment is preserved or optimized, ensuring that your enterprise turns around and remains an outlier in the future. consumer focus and far from the dreaded statistics.

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